NZXT Gamma

NZXT Externals Continued

eSATA is most definitely a good inclusion alongside just two USB 2.0 ports and headphone and microphone jacks. The power and reset buttons are joined on to the edge of the fascia sadly making them easily accessible if a little understated.

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The side panels are clean cut whilst not being particularly distinctive with a vent and appropriate mounting holes for two 120mm fans over the main chamber.

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The rear is a typical ATX case layout: seven PCI slots, bottom mounted PSU and a 120mm fan located at the top. Two grommet filled holes are also included making it consistent with dual-radiator compatability; something that is not seen with many low cost cases.

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Looking at the enclosure as a whole, the all-steel construction is very lightweight weighing in at just 6kg but perhaps slightly thicker steel could have been used as, in places, the case does seem just a little flimsy (for instance the side panels and the air vents on the top).

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