Lepatek 301


Let’s do a quick IQ test like question. If Silver Power is to Tagan, then LEPAtek is to? The Answer is Enermax. This is their low end product range and today I’m reviewing one of their cases, the LP 301. It’s got some red styling and an interesting side panel; even has dust filters at the front.

Budget doesn’t necessarily mean bad, so let’s see if this represents good value, or poor production.


Optimal cooling

  • Fully meshed front panel provides super ventilation
  • Dust filter for all meshed area to prevent dust accumulation

Easy connection

  • Complete I/O interface for utmost expandability
  • Tool-less design for easy installation and drive bay maintenance

Speedy upgrading

  • 4x thumbscrews for easy side panel access
  • Effective cooling system with 4x 12cm fans included (red leds)

Full features and specs can be read here.

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