InWin X-Fighter


InWin X-Fighter


The futuristic sci-fi Star Wars films have influenced and inspired the design of In Win’s X-Fighter case with its triangular feet, geometric lines and steel and aluminium chassis. All this makes the X-Fighter into the ultimate spaceship but how will it fare at doing its job as a PC enclosure? The aesthetics certainly look great, so let’s see what the rest is like.


Spacecraft Design:

Inspired by some of the greatest vessels ever to grace the big screen, the X-Fighter is fashioned after spacecrafts from the Star Wars films. Four triangular shaped feet are placed beneath the chassis giving it a futuristic look. Hard steel, silver and aluminium geometric lines, and a spaceship aesthetic make the X-Fighter a unique chassis for the gaming enthusiast.

Supreme Thermal Cooling Solutions:

Two 12cm ceramic fans at the front and rear of the chassis help provide an excellent flow of air throughout the interior of the chassis. Add to that a VGA Turbo Cooling System with dual 8cm ceramic fans that supply airflow giving users maximum space and function usability. The fans can be removed effortlessly to be cleaned allowing for easy chassis maintenance. The X-Fighter is also designed to support water-cooling should the user require it.

Smart-3D Uniduct:

A telescopic duct extends outwards and moves side to side cooling drives and extra components installed up top. The large side panel vent adjusts to meet specific user thermal needs. Mesh lined vents on the interior of the X-Fighter collect dust and debris that might otherwise clog parts on the inside of the chassis.

Anti-Vibration Railing:

The X-Fighter is equipped with a rubberized railing system that, when attached to your components, provide a shock and vibration free experience for your ODD and HDD drives. Helping prolong the life of installed components and saving money in the long run.

Tool-Free Design:

Fitted with seven PCI/AGP slots, the X-Fighter is the expansionists dream. The entire interior of the chassis has a tool-free design meaning users will never have to fumble with a screwdriver again. All that’s needed is a simple snap in and out while installing components.

Universal Connectivity:

The X-Fighter packs a punch with dual eSATA ports, providing users with the latest in external storage capabilities.


Case Size:

Mid Tower


0.8mm SECC Steel

External Drive Bay:

5.25" x 4 3.5" x 2

Internal Drive Bay:

3.5" x 5

Front Ports:

eSATA × 2, USB2.0 × 4, IEEE 1394 A (FireWire), HD/AC’ 97 Audio

Dimensions ( H × W × D ):

18.5" × 9.4" × 22.4" 470mm × 240mm × 570mm



I/O Expansion Slots:

7 PCI/AGP Slots

Power Supply:


Thermal Solution:

Smart-3D UniDuct™ 12cm Ceramic Fans at Front & Rear Panels VGA Turbo Cooling System with 8cm Side Ceramic Fan x 2 Support Water-Cooling


Meets RoHS, CE and FCC Class B Requirement


Padlock loop for padlock


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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