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GMC R4 Bulldozer

GMC R4 Bulldozer




Testing cases is another of those odd ones, as the main test of any case, is what features it has, and whether its cooling options are quiet. The features are detailed in the look at the case itself, but individual ones will be looked into during the testing to highlight any problems or particularly innovations we liked.

We also have a rather unique test termed the case "strength" test. This involves yours truly standing on said case, and checking how it reacts in terms of flexing. This test is detailed more here.




The case doesn’t stand up very well in this test and overall it seemed very flimsy. I wouldn’t have thought it would take much to cause some damage to it, which is a shame considering the effort that is evident in the styling.


For a small case, the R-4 Bulldozer is surprisingly well-equipped in the cooling department with a total of 3 fans: 2x 80mm and 1 x 120mm. This should provide plenty of cooling especially as there are many vents located all over the design to allow a good airflow.

The diodes are also a good idea as they allow the user to easily view the temperatures inside the case and so adjust the fan speeds accordingly.


Unfortunately, 80mm fans often tend to be a little whiney and in this instance they do pump out quite a bit of noise – I really wouldn’t replace the back 120mm fan with two more 80’s. It’s not too bad but for user’s looking for silent cooling, I wouldn’t recommend this case.

Cable Management

To be honest, there hasn’t been any attention paid to this aspect as there are not really any places for cables to be fed out of the way as there are no drive cages or other places to hide the cables away. In addition, no cable ties are provided so as to tie unused cables out of the way.

The cabling for the ODD can at least be fed through the hole to the front and kept out the way but for the rest, little attempt has been made here.


The GMC R-4 Bulldozer is around about $90, so it’s a reasonable price for a case that has as many interesting features as this.

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