Plantronics Voyager Pro UC 2

Voyager Pro UC 2


The Voyager Pro UC 2 is the latest in a line of fairly well respected Bluetooth headsets from the popular audio firm Plantronics. The Voyager lineup emphasises a good balance of sound quality, convenience and special features – for the UC 2 this is reflected in a premium earpiece and microphone with noise cancellation abilities and a rather clever ability to turn on when it’s placed on your ear.

Still, all of this comes at a fairly steep price – is the UC 2 a worthy continuation of the Voyager lineup? We’ll find out after the break.



Let’s start by having a look at the unboxing process. We’ll start with the box – but unfortunately there isn’t much to write home about here, Voyager Pro UC 2 comes in a rather unexciting white piece of cardboard.

Voyager Pro UC 2 Box
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Once we slide out the inner tray, we can see you get rather a lot for your money – as well as the headset itself there’s a Bluetooth USB dongle for use with PCs, a selection of differently sized earpieces, a carrying case and a rather short USB cable for charging. The outer box was slightly damaged in transit, but the inner tray seems to have protected the contents perfectly.

Voyager Pro UC 2
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