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Tt eSPORTS Chao Dracco

Tt eSPORTS Chao Dracco



“The new Chao Dracco headset is all about Culture, fashion and technology. Whether you’re a Hippie, Punk, Gothic, Hip or Drunk, you are Chao. The Chao headset is a lifestyle, an ideology that inherits the totem of Tt eSports, the Battle dragon, this symbolizes Strength, courage and makes a cultural statement.” From TT eSports.

XSR translated: The headset is coloured in very bright and flashy colours, great if you’re into that kind of thing. The downside is it looks kind of like you’re wearing a child’s play toy.



The headset arrived in the usual card box with a window allowing you to see what you’ve bought.


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The rear has specifications and a warning telling you to avoid using the headset with the volume turned up for extended periods.


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