Medusa NX


Speedlink are well known for making some top notch headsets, with their previous range of Medusas making real waves in the review community. Now though it’s time for a refresh, a re-release if you will. The Medusa is back, this time termed the NX and while it’s still got a really long cable and 5.1 surround sound, can it stand up to the previous generation’s top notch performance?



  • Real 5.1 gaming surround sound
  • Real all-rounder – can be used on all sound sources
  • Brilliant voice transmission
  • Highest level of comfort
  • Adjust sound channels individually
  • Collapsible headset including carry case
  • 3.8m cable

Speedlink’s Take on the Medusa NX

Find yourself right at the centre of the action with this 5.1 surround headset: hear a door closing behind you to your left or listen to the footsteps of your opponent who’s in front of you. Plug the Medusa into the 5.1 soundcard on your PC or, using the phono adapter and mains adapter, into your DVD player.

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