Squint a little while looking at these Bluetooth headphones and it wouldn’t be hard to see the NSEA Protector spaceship from Galaxy Quest. It’s hard to imagine that headphones that looked so good would also only cost £50. Would the SBH150’s live up to the dream of an attractive, cheap and capable headset? Read on to find out!

Manufacturer’s Features

  • Enjoy music wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0 connection
  • Well balanced design and soft padding for ultra comfortable use
  • On-ear controls for easy navigation and control of music
  • Integrated microphone allows for handsfree calling
  • Folding design and storage case keeps your headphones protected
  • Included flat 3.5 mm cable supports any phone or music player


The Sonivo came in a box ideally sized for the product, a printed paper affair that contained all the requisite parts.


We were pleasantly surprised to find a quality soft shell carry case which held everything in place and protected the headphones in their folded-up position nicely.


The headphones weren’t paired with a discrete charger unit, but instead came with a micro USB cable to draw power from your computer. Additionally, there was a rather long flat 3.5 mm jack cable to hook the headphone up to a non-Bluetooth enabled output. This was kind of cool, because it was black on one side and white on the other. It was aesthetically pleasing.


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