Overall, the Sharkoon X-tatic SP is a respectable contender in the gaming headset arena. The multi-platform approach is slightly convoluted, given the differences in compatible systems, but it is a definite advantage, especially for gamers who own multiple consoles and/or PC gaming. The wiring is a little complicated for non-technical users, though it could be argued that they are not the intended audience. The sound quality is more than adequate, providing strong, powerful bass, with the only frustration being the hiss.

Ultimately, the headset is comfortable, moderately priced in the category, works on three different systems and has a lot of bass for gaming; it’s one worth checking out.


  • Sounds good in most environment, though gaming is main focus
  • Look great
  • Very comfortable
  • Work on three different systems


  • Bass overpowers higher frequencies a little
  • Require USB power and slightly convoluted wiring
  • Noticeable hiss at times
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