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Radiopaq Duo Headphones


While a lot of people listen to music through speakers, there are some serious audiophiles that much prefer the headphone setup. One group famous for this are DJs and presumably it’s them and their fans that Radiopaq are aiming this headset at. The Duos are a first step in the over-ear headphones market for the company and they’re bringing fancy colour schemes and a “DJ” style. They feature hinged, swivel cups for positioning the headphones however you want along with a pretty competitive price tag. Let’s see how they hold up.


Key Features

  • Fold Flat DJ-Style Tilt & Swivel headphone cup design
  • Adjustable soft padded headband for a secure fit
  • Ultra soft 15mm deep ear cushions reduce pressure on ears
  • Dynamic sound quality from powerful 40mm sound drivers
  • Unrivalled, superior audio performance and quality for price
  • Thoughtfully robust design and reliable practical construction
  • Gold plated 3.5mm connector for optimal sound transfer
  • Compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone and other MP3 Players
  • Five stylish colours: High Gloss Copper, Candy Green, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black


Simple black packaging, clear view of the product straight off the bat.

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The simple colour of the box is a little underwhelming at first, but the headphones themselves are rather eyecatching; these are the Candy Green variety.

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The back of the box simply features a list of specifications and features.

Physical Features

For their first set of over-ear headphones, Radiopaq have managed to design a rather stylish headset. As you can see, I was sent the “Candy Green” edition (Green coincidentally being my favourite colour), but there’s also High Gloss Copper, Candy Purple, Metallic Silver and Soft Touch Black (because if you’re going unconventional with the colours, you might as well give them funky names too).

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The cups are a little bit small, I found that they sat on my ears rather than around them, which is a tad on the uncomfortable side. They’re also a little bit tight, but not so much that it’s bothersome.

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The material used for the padding on both the band and cups is an excellent, non-stick number which is very comfortable.

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Overall, it’s sleek and slim design is quite attractive without sacrificing design for comfort. On top of that it fits well both around the neck and on the skull. Past being comfortable, did I mention they were stylish? Radiopaq have gone in for a flat, sleek design with the Duo as opposed to the larger headsets that are generally tethered to a home computer or the rounded design more often seen from Skullcandy.

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The lack of a volume controller is a bit of a nuisance if you’re using it from a desktop PC, but presumably that was to keep costs down.

Testing and Results

Sound Quality

I tested the sound quality with a nice eclectic mix of glam rock, jazz funk and dubstep.

For music, the sound quality was pretty damn good. Both crisp and clear, with quiet bass in the background. This latter part was a little understated and I’d have preferred a set with a bit more oomf at the lower end in reality; it especially let down the dubstep portion of my testing. Whilst the product promises a soft bass, it’s not what you need for bass-heavy music on the go.

The smaller ear cups didn’t dampen outside noise too well either, whilst not a bother for home use it wasn’t as great travelling on the bus. I had to tuck my ears inside the cups to get the best I could out of them which did prove uncomfortable over long periods of time.


The Duos only have one thing working against them that will be universal. The headband and the padding surrounding it is unusually stiff. To top it off, the material used sticks slightly to hair and pulls it taut.

The padding for the ears on the other hand is phenomenal. It’s smooth and comfortable, and in contrast to the hair-sticking problem, it sits on the ears very lightly. Fortunately it doesn’t stick to skin like it sticks to hair as well.

As I mentioned in the Sound Quality section up there; the cups were slightly too small for my ears. I had to tuck my ears into them which isn’t exactly comfortable for more than 20 minutes. Not something I recommend doing frequently if your ears are as big as mine. [lol, Dumbo etc. ED.]

Build Quality

Considering the low retail price, I was expecting cheap, plastic crap. The reality was quite the opposite though. Whilst the outer casing is the average quality plastic you can find anywhere on the market, there’s a metal frame inside the band that really adds to the sturdiness of them as a whole.

The hinges have a similar treatment as well. Radiopaq have opted for metal hinges as opposed to the normal plastic pin affair.

I’ll admit I accidentally stood on these once (…Okay twice) and they didn’t so much as buckle even slightly. It makes a difference from the last headset I bought which snapped when I took an accidental misstep onto my bag one summer eve.


The last set of headphones I bought cost me £21 and broke under my heel. The Radiopaq Duos cost less than that for superior build and sound quality. I think I know who I’m going to for headphones in the future.

With an announced price of £19.99, these headphones are incredibly cheap. You get plenty of bang for your buck. They’re hardly the best set in the world, but for a budget pair, these work great.

I’m more than thoroughly impressed with everything that the Duos have to offer. It’s not often that you find something that’s reasonable all round. If you’re in the market for a headset to use with an MP3 player, then I definitely highly recommend the Duos for that.


Very affordable
Sturdy construction
Decent sound quality


Slightly sub-par bass
Slightly uncomfortable headband

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