Energy Sistem xplosionn

Energy Sistem-Xplosionn Review


Any music fan or anyone serious about their gaming will tell you that a decent set of headphones are an absolute necessity. Today I’m looking at the Xplosionn 5500, and at first glance it looks like a set of over the ear style headphones, with an added LCD for some strange reason.  Looking closer though you’ll find that it is in fact an mp3 player built into a set of headphones, so let’s find out more about this hybrid.



  • SD/MMC Card storage (upto 2Gb)
  • Internal Lithium battery
  • Frequency output 15 – 20,000Hz
  • USB Charging
  • Weight 200g


  • mp3 playback
  • No driver install needed
  • Good tonal range, good audio

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