It’s definitely nice to see that Creative have released their chips for other manufacturers to use. Not only does this begin to lower the price of an X-Fi board, but it enables people like Auzentech to add additional features to the card that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Unfortunately, as this launch has been pushed before Auzentech engineers were ready, the card doesn’t have the features that make it the X-Fi killer just yet. Wait until sometime in September and you’ll be able to get Dolby Digital Live, DTS Interactive and DTS Neo:PC both of which will be fully compatible with XP and Vista.

I have the distinct feeling that this card will fly off the shelves… not only as it offers more connectivity, but because of the driver fiasco with Creative. Auzentech’s decision to make their own is a sound option and music to the ears of Creative haters, but EAX lovers

Great sound qualityAnnoying flashing green led
EAX 5.0
Future driver extras


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