Coolermaster Competition

Thanks to all those that entered. This competition is now closed.

The winners are:

Ian Astley – Cooler Master Silencio 550 case

Anupa Somasiri – Cooler Master GX 550w PSU

Joan Sawka – Cooler Master Sentinal gaming mouse

Hot off the back of our Steelseries competition, we’ve teamed up with the guys over at Cooler Master to give you the chance to win some more hardware. Up for grabs today we have the Silencio 550 case, the GX 550w PSU and the Storm Sentinal gaming mouse.

Now we did say that the next competition would be a bit different, but Cooler Master really liked the Facebook “like” idea, so I’m afraid we need you to do that again.You’ll also need to post here to register your entry. Sharing the link among your friends might not hurt your chances either.

So to clarify, like us and Coolermaster and post here saying you’re in. That’s all you have to do. Winners will be chosen at random 3 weeks from today, that’s the 9th of September.

XSReviewsCooler Master

The competition is open to anyone in the EU. Apologies to those overseas, but these prizes arn’t light and postage would be a nightmare.

You can also follow us on the XSR Twitter and Coolermaster Twitter accounts if you want to keep up to date with our comings and goings as well as any competition updates.

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  • Simon

    I’m in :)

    • Kigan

      I’m in!

    • Frederik

      Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  • I am in! Thanks for the chance, and putting facebook likes into good use! :3

  • Tim Harmer

    I’m in. Felt sure I’d already ‘liked’ Coolermaster but I guess not. Great competition, thanks for putting it on :)

    • Sky

      Im in aswell, GL all.

  • Alan Tong

    I “like” both the Cooler Master and your FB pages. I’m in! Thanks!

  • tufty

    Urine… You’re in?

    I’m In?

  • Emma

    I’m in

  • Gary S

    UK only or can anyone enter?

  • I’m in :)

  • Daniel T

    Of course. Liked already! Thank you!

  • Jake_

    sick competition! I’m in!

  • Recy

    Count me in.

  • Keltyr

    Im in :)

  • Ruth Hunter

    I’m in

  • Lachlan

    wooooo competition

  • nagy levente

    i’m in

  • Lari G

    dear XSReviews! i`m in this competition

  • ana3mic

    Already a fan of both, so i’m in! Btw it is a good idea to post links to pages so no one gets the wrong one, for instance someone might like Cooler Master UK page but not the international one and might not qualify for this. Also thanks for the great competition!

  • ckit

    Thanks, I’m in!

  • Jarosław Rygalik

    I’m in too. :)

    • Sorry for the wait approving these comments guys. You’re all in now, it’s official.

      For the guy saying he was worried about liking the right page, I’m not harsh. Like something Cooler Master related and XSR and you’re in.

      • ana3mic

        If that second part is referencing me, I wasn’t worried about me, I like every CM page that is in a readable language for me :D. I only wanted to make things a bit easier for both you as a competition holder and for us as participants.

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  • Dave S

    I’m in
    Thanks :)

  • Mantas

    i`m in

  • regimantas

    I’m in

  • hot4coldplay

    In, the case looks sexy :)

  • Avalon

    I’m in :) Thanks!

  • I’m in

  • saberjustice

    I’m in!!

  • JB

    I’m in as well.

  • GeorgeRO

    I’m in, thank you very much

  • Zeno Laiti

    I’m in

  • Edgar Avanesov

    I have “liked” XSReviews and Cooler Master. Good luck to all participants, the prizes are really really nice:)

  • Gaetan

    Count me in. Thanks for the competition guys!

  • Conor O’Donnell

    I’m in

  • Lordofminor

    Count me in! Nice contest. GL everyone!

  • Adrian Moldovan

    already a fan. i`m in!

  • Giorgos Sklias

    Count me in! Nice contest.

  • Laszlo

    I already Like you both :D

  • Andrewr05

    Pretty sweet contest, I’ve been wanting a new case to try some modding ideas on. It’s be pretty cool if I won.

    I’m in.


    • yossy

      Im innn! :D

  • Chris Sumner

    I’m in!!
    Already a fan of both :-)

  • nelqt

    I’m in !
    Let the luck roll :3

  • Justine

    I am in! Good luck to all!

  • Roman Vlad Teodor

    i’m in

  • ujn2006

    I’m in

  • BangBoy

    I’m in ! super cool !

  • I’m totally in. Totally.

  • Diogo

    I’m in

  • Matthias Galvin

    I’m in!

    Best of luck, everybody!

  • Tom Capper

    I’m in!

  • Bernard

    count me in =D

  • vdk

    I’m in!!!

  • banalac

    I’m in the contest! Really like the Silencio 550 case!

  • atirage

    Nice prizes, me wanna! :)
    I’m in!

  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I’m in

  • I’m in. :)

  • Markos Doulgerakis

    I’m in
    Good luck

  • Anupa Ransika Somasiri

    I’m in. Cool prizes by the way!

  • Guy Lomax

    I’m in :)

  • Ion

    I entered.

  • Gabriela

    Cool prizes!
    I entered and dreaming at this case…

  • In It To Win It. :)
    Good luck everyone.

  • Tiago “Arkangel” Taipina

    Already in!

  • Justin Singel

    I’m in!

  • Jordan Oliver


  • Ramona

    Entered. Already fan.

  • Muff

    Count me in to competition.

  • Alin

    A beautiful case, awesome prizes!

  • Alex I

    I’m in

  • Adrian

    Hello! I am in too ^.^

  • Count me in! Gotta be in it to win it! In desperate need for some upgrades!

  • kobroro

    Nice prizes!

  • Florentin

    Really cool prizes!

  • nagy levente

    im in

  • froge_2003

    sensational upgrade

  • Michal M.

    I’m in

  • simon sims

    always in for a competition.

  • j austin

    im in

  • Sarah Tulley

    I’m in!

  • Carl

    I’m In

  • C Hui

    Count me in!

  • Christopher Maddocks

    Liked you both

  • Kimberley S Stone

    Well, I’m in ;-)

  • Hutch

    Im in!

  • Ian Green

    I,ll give it a go……Cause ya never know

  • mike hutchins

    im in and shared

  • Sarah Laycock

    I’m in!

  • H.

    I’m in

  • Karen Scammell

    I’m in!

  • David Walker

    Please let me win

  • Susan Hiscox

    I’m in

  • Karen Barrett

    I’m in x

  • Benjamin Coleman

    I’m in

  • Karen S

    I’m in xx

  • Ligaya Bolton

    Im in too…

  • Pamela Gossage

    Fantastic prizes.Enter me please

  • james

    I’m in.

  • Katherine A

    I’m in

  • Camelia

    The case is beautiful!

  • kelly smith

    im in thanks, facebook name kelly roxanne smith


    Im in – lynn ward

  • ImmortalBeloved

    Already liked both sites!
    Great prizes, thank you and good luck everyone!

  • John G.

    I’m in

  • Mark Rayner

    I am in.

  • Robert Turton

    I’m in :)

    A great package of prizes for the lucky winner.

  • Ant

    I am in, got everything crossed :)

  • patricia holden

    BRILL Prizes

  • Nicole

    Count me in, liking both.

  • karim khimji

    I’m in

  • Kelly

    I’m in!

  • Gareth Hughes

    i’m in

  • John Roberts

    Im in, great prize

  • michael magill

    great stuff

  • Elvire Goulin

    I’m in.

  • Chris Dobson

    I’m in

  • Adele Hill

    I “like” both the Cooler Master and your FB pages. I’m in!

  • John

    Please incluse me in the draw. Ta

  • liz denial

    Count me in

  • George Johnson

    I’m In

  • simone lee


  • david usher

    I’m in

  • I’m In!!!!!!

  • Dawn Costen

    I’m in :D

  • Alfie KH Haste

    I’m in. Thanks for comp

  • I’m in

  • Svetlana

    liked, enter me please

  • Krzysztof

    I’m in

  • Solange

    I’m in

  • Simon Ashford

    I’m in

  • steven young

    I’m in!!

  • Kay Adams

    I’m in

  • Karis Boone

    Im in

    Liked both pages, i’m Karis Mse B on facebook

  • Fiona Mallard

    I’m in!

  • Patricia Fletcher

    count me in please!

  • Stanica

    Done all!

  • Elizabeth Tierney

    Im in


    I’m in, love Gin, wish I was thin x

  • gemma brown

    I’M IN.

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  • Richard R

    Count me in for some great kit!

  • Tim Bain

    I’m in

  • Mark

    I. R. Baboon. Er, I mean in.

  • Bianca Nicole

    please enter me in the drawing. thanks. liked.

  • Jussi Berg


  • magicken

    I’m in

  • skyline159

    I’m in.

  • Terence John

    I’m in. Nice prizes and I have done with Facebook for “Like”.

  • BangBoy

    i’m in !
    Competitions rocks, keep them going !

  • I’m in!

  • Gavin

    I’m in.

  • Florian

    I entered!

  • N Miller

    I’m in. Thank you!

  • Marjan

    I’m in! :)

  • Jose Augusto

    awsome im IN! Give me pls :D

  • Chema

    I’m in!

  • Kigan

    I’m in!
    Yeah…could really need one of these :)

  • Cosmo

    Hell yeah, I’m entering this!

  • lashkar

    I’m in

  • Paul Wilson

    I’m in.

  • Fayçal Assaad

    I’m in.

  • tom Baines

    Great comp, fantastic prize, i’m in

  • Ivica

    Count me in!

  • I’m in

  • Georgiana

    Nice contest!
    I dream for this beautiful case!


    I’m in

  • Dennis Haan

    In it to win it.

    Good luck everyone. ;)

  • Carmel Thornton

    i’m in.

  • Robin Brooksbank

    i’m in

  • Fernando Sousa

    I´m in facebook Jordao Portugal

  • Denise W

    I’m in! :)

  • Natalie Lee

    What a nice pretty looking case that is Absolutely gorgeous <3 it.

  • John Seaman

    I’m In

  • Kerrie

    Im in :D

  • Sean

    im in, hope i win!

  • Suzanne sendell

    Already likey likey on facebook

  • Margaret Lycett

    Hi I’M IN

  • Jennifer Kelly

    I’m most definitely in!! Awesome prize, cheers :D

    • Jennifer Kelly

      Ps, I’m Jo Kelly on FB & have shared xx

  • Deborah Wheeler

    Liked both facebook pages

  • Esther

    Count me in please – and I’ve like you on fb

  • Lorna Totton

    I’m in.

  • Louise Payne

    Im in

  • Ian Astley

    I believe I’m in

  • gemma robinson

    Fan of both!
    facebook name gemma robinson

  • nathan

    im in

  • nisha Koya

    Im in Thanks :)

  • Marc Jackson


  • Ali Inwood

    I’m in!

  • Corinne Faulkner

    I’m DEFINATELY in and off to share on facebook now – WOW great prizes :)

  • Michael Lusandrou

    I’m in

  • jennifer waite

    I’m in.

  • Claire Green

    awesome giveaway folks!!
    I have liked both facebook pages :)
    will go share now as well :)

  • Rory Campion

    I’m in!

  • debbie nelson

    im in

  • Susan Bowe

    I’m in :D

  • Sharon

    I’m in :)

  • Cathryn Bowen

    I’m in …. xx

  • nicola harrison

    fantastic x I’m in

  • Christine Johnson

    Already liked on facebook

  • I liked both the pages and I’m in! Thank you!

  • Martin Salvato

    I’m in ! I really need a case ! PLS !

  • Graham Yarwood

    I’m in. Great competition, thanks for putting it on.

  • Duncan Campbell

    I’m in, many thanks to XS Reviews and Cooler Master for providing these fab prizes, anyone would be thrilled to receive them.

  • Chris

    Already like you guys

  • Laurence O

    I’m in.

  • suzanna gentle

    I’m in!

  • toni quandt

    Hi! Fab comp!

    I’m In!


  • Alus

    Count me in ;)

  • Carrie Brown

    Liking both :)

  • I’m in, not too late I hope! =)

    • I’m afraid you are, the competition ended yesterday. Look out for a new competition soon :)

  • Paul

    I’m in :)

  • Phil Darling

    I “like” both the Cooler Master and your FB pages. I’m in!

  • yvonne clark

    I’m in

  • I’m in! (disregard this if I happen to double post, didn’t know whether my last was confirmed because I didn’t get any confirmation e-mail that’ve posted)!
    And shared on the wall! Hopefully I ain’t too late! ;D

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  • Jesper Strømstad

    I’m in too!!
    Good luck everyone.. :o)

  • David R

    Im in!

  • Paul Nichol

    I’m in

  • Pauline Appleton

    already like on facebook so count me in too

  • Allan

    I’m in – like both on facebook

  • I’m in! Cheers for the giveaway.

  • Jane

    I’m in

  • Joanna Sawka

    I’m in

  • daisy s

    i’m in

  • f300

    I’m in!

  • Neil Pearson

    I’m in

  • Branden Jew

    Free gear FTW

  • Oleg Kiossev

    count me in

  • AP

    I’m in!

  • Paul Mills

    I’m in :>… *hopes he isn’t too late*

  • Balantakos

    I’m in! lets do this!

  • regimantas


  • Brian Williams

    I’m in.

  • Alex Morgan

    I’m in.

    • I’m afraid the competition has now closed, but thanks for showing your interest :)