Well here it is folks, the review that many have been waiting for; not because I’m some ungodly talented reviewer, but because this product has been so tantalizingly close to release for so long now, it’s become the hardware version of vaporware.When Roccat stepped onto the gaming peripheral scene a few years ago, they were given as much attention as any other new company, not that much. However, after a few product releases, including the Kone mouse and the Kave headset, people began to take notice. One product in their line up that drew a lot of attention however, that was promised over two years ago at this point, had yet to be released, the incredibly sexy looking Valo keyboard. Now however I am pleased to say it has finally been unleashed upon the masses, and I’ve managed to get hold of one; granted a few days after release, but still we have one, and we’re taking a look at it. Lets see how it holds up to our stringent testing.

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  • Stevo

    Your link to the full review does not work.

  • Cindy

    Ditto. You still haven’t fixed your link; it leads back to this same “teaser” page.

    • Sorry guys, should be fixed now. I know the pictures arn’t working but the text is there at least. Had a lot of problems with these old reviews.