Upgrade Competition


Thanks to everyone for entering this competition, it’s been hard choosing between the heart felt pleas and the humourous requests for an upgrade. It’s a shame it had to be whittled down to just five as I could easily have picked 10 or more of you.

However, five is the magic number in this instance, so please ladies and gentlement, put your hands together for our winners:

Steve Q
Curis Golen

I hope you all provided legitemate email addresses with your entries. I’ve sent out confirmation emails of your win(s). Please send over your addresses and I’ll get the prizes out to you as soon as possible.

As to the rest of you, thank you once again for entering. We hope to have another competition soon so watch this space.

Update: This competition is now closed

Are you desperate for a GPU upgrade? Still languishing with a 2XXX series ATI card? perhaps an 8 series nVidia? Well, today HIS and XSR are here to help. While we don’t have anything monumentally powerful up for grabs we do have 5 GPUs to give away. That’s right, 5 opportunities to win a monstrous, passively cooled HIS 5550 1GB edition. Yea man. Now we’re playing with power.

Jokes aside, these passively cooled cards have a decent ammount of memory, they support DX11 and with their passive cooling, would be great for a media centre of HTPC.

So what do you need to do to win one of these cards? Simple.

1: “Like” us and our kind sponsors on Facebook using the buttons below.

2: Post here, stating the reason you need an upgrade so badly, you want a 1GB passively cooled 5550.

As long as you do the above 2 things, you’re in. This competition will run from 3 weeks starting today, culminating on the 24th of November. The winners will be those who post the most, creative or legitemate reason for needing one of these cards. Perhaps your own GPU is too old? Perhaps your PC is broken without a new card? Whatever the reason, post it here and we’ll select the top 5 answers to win one of these fine GPUs.

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