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Razer announce Battlefield 4 branded Collector’s Edition peripherals

Razer announce Battlefield 4 branded Collector’s Edition peripherals


Razer have really filled out their peripherals business over the years, including some of the earliest mass-market mechanical keyboards, their ever-popular gaming mice, and even accessories like messenger bags (I own two!), mouse pads and mobile phone cases. With such a strong range, it’s no surprise that they’ve teamed up with partners like EA to offer licensed goods across their spectrum of products – we’ve seen StarCraft II, League of Legends and Mass Effect goods in the past, and they’ve all been neat additions for megafans of each title.

Today, Razer announced a new range for a new game – Battlefield 4. From what I understand, this is the most inclusive licensed gaming peripherals effort ever, including a mechanical keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset, messenger bag and iPhone 5 case – not a bad haul! The collection goes by the name of the Battlefield 4 Collector’s Edition, and definitely fits that theme of being the ideal accoutrements for the most diehard Battlefield 4 fans playing on PC.

Let’s have a look at each item in a little more detail, starting with the actual gaming peripherals themselves.

We’ve got a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard to start off. Now this keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue switches, like previous BlackWidows (including the original one I reviewed back in 2011), which is a tactile and clicky switch that’s great for typing and works fine for gaming as well. Most FPS pro-gamers tend to use red switches (at least in my experience), but blue switches aren’t unheard of. Like past BlackWidow Ultimates, we’ve got some nice individual backlighting (in a zesty orange colour) and a single row of macro keys to the left of the main board. There are media, macro and windows-key-disabling shortcuts along the Function row, too. And of course since this is a Battlefield-branded board, we’ve got a unique chassis with the game’s box art printed across the lower section of the keyboard – pretty cool.


Next up is a mouse, the Razer Taipan. Now this mouse has a ridiculously sensitive sensor suite (8200 DPI in fact), made up of a joined optical and laser sensor. This design is fairly new to the gaming world (the Taipan was released in 2012), but seems to have had good or at least neutral praise in terms of accuracy. The mouse is ambidextrous too, which is nice for the sizeable percentage of left-handed gamers out there. And of course, we’ve got the same styling as the keyboard across the mouse, with a much more radical look than the standard black-and-green Taipan.


Our final peripheral is probably the coolest looking of the trio – a Razer BlackShark stereo gaming headset. The headset claims to have been designed based on ‘military helicopter’ headsets, and it shows. The cups look to be a good size, with an orange cable running from cup to cup on top of a stainless steel neck. Each cup is emblazoned with the same artwork as before, and looks really frickin’ cool – this is the most noticeable part of your gaming getup, so you’ll definitely stand out with this design. In terms of the headset’s functionality, it all looks fairly good for a stereo headset – comfortable cups, a sturdy looking adjustable mic and a 3.5 mm jack that’ll work with mobile phones as well as laptops and desktops. You’re also able to get simulated 7.1 surround sound here, thanks to Razer’s Surround software.


The rest of the accessories are less functional, but no less cool looking. The mousepad is the Destructor 2, which has favourable reviews due to its decent size and nice textured finish. Of course we’ve got a Battlefield 4 box art design once again, which looks pretty cool and of course complements the rest of the ensemble.


The Messenger Bag is a new design compared to the two StarCraft II bags I’ve used, with a simple orange interior with metallic clasp fastenings instead of the velcro used previously. The bag looks quite clean and professional, and includes pockets for gaming laptops (like Razer’s Blade, natch), peripherals and handhelds.


The final piece of the puzzle is a simple Battlefield 4 iPhone 5S and 5 case. It’s got a nice textured back that reminds me of metal (even though it is rendered in black silicone) and a simple ‘4’ design in the centre. Of course, there are cutouts for the camera and buttons as you’d expect for a case designed for the iPhone 5. The front is unimpeded, so the fingerprint sensor of the 5S should work just fine. There’s also a lip around the front of the case that should prevent damage to the screen from minor drops. All in all, it’s a solid design that’s much less in-your-face than the rest of the Battlefield 4 collection from Razer.


All of these items ship from Razer on October 1st, so you’ll likely have them in-hand by the time the Open Beta for Battlefield 4 starts on October 4th – and way before the game is released in full at the end of the month. If you’re a big Battlefield fan and you’re looking to upgrade your peripherals, then Razer’s offerings in the Battlefield 4 Collector’s Edition are definitely worth a look.

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