NZXT has announced its latest range of cooling fans, the Aer F. Like the Aer P and other high performance fans, these fans are designed for strong airflow and minimal noise. They use ‘winglet-constructed fan blades’ to minimise drag and improve cooling, while ‘patented fluid dynamic bearings’ allow the fans to have a useful life of 60,000 hours or six years.

There are cables in sleeves to prevent accidental damage and make routing easier, while replaceable coloured trims let you match the rest of your build — as long as it’s red, white or blue, and you’re willing to pay a bit extra.


Single PackTwin PackTwin Trims
Aer F120€17.90€29.90€5.90
Aer F140€19.90€32.90€5.90

The new fans should arrive in early April. You can find the full press release here, and our past NZXT coverage linked below.

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