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Mionix Releasing Zibal Mechanical Keyboard

Mionix Releasing Zibal Mechanical Keyboard

Rumours that Mionix were working on a Mechanical keyboard are indeed true. The Zibal is set to hit shelves in the next few weeks, with early review samples heading out just before. Some of the features are sure to have keyboard purests salivating in their seats. It utilises Black Cherry 60 switches, Gold plated connectors, green backlighting as well as what they’re calling a “rage proof” steel frame for those frustrating gaming moments.


Here’s the full feature rundown:

Black Cherry MX Mechanical key switches
Mechanical non-tactile Cherry MX black switches with 18K Gold plated switch connectors ensures durability and longer life time.
Comfortable design
Designed with a detachable wrist rest to be comfortable throughout long gaming sessions.
Backlit key illumination
Every switch is fitted with a single green LED and you can choose from the three different lighting modes.
Three lighting modes On, Off and WASD
Select between the three lighting modes On, Off and WASD.
Multi-level brightness control
Three level adjustable brightness control.
Mionix Action key
The Mionix Action key provides instant access to all the media and illumination functions.
Six Key Rollover
Register up to six keystrokes simultaneously.
Rage proof durability
Fends off rage blasts thanks to the 1.6 mm thick steel frame and heavy duty braided cable.
Built to last
Lifespan of 50 million keystrokes and wear resistant laser printed keycaps
Connect-through port for audio
Superior audio quality thanks to the insulated shielded cables
Full speed USB 2.0 hub
Inbuilt with a two port USB 2.0 hub powered by its own USB cable.
Plug n Play
Complete Plug n Play, all functions can be performed without any software or drivers.

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