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Microsoft to take on Google in Anti-Trust

Microsoft to take on Google in Anti-Trust

There’s set to be quite a titanic court battle with two of the world’s biggest software/search companies. Microsoft has announced that they’re taking Google to trial over anti-competitiveness, saying that the Gmail owner is using their placement in the search game to block out other companies like Microsoft’s attempt to push their Bing search engine.

Microsoft’s general council Brad Smith explained on a blog that, “Our filing today focuses on a pattern of actions that Google has taken to entrench its dominance in the markets for online search and search advertising to the detriment of European consumers.”

According to Microsoft there are 5 ways that Google is restricting their business:

  • Using technical measures to stop Microsoft’s search engine Bing from indexing content on Google-owned YouTube.
  • Blocking Microsoft Smartphones from operating properly with YouTube.
  • Controlling access to online copies of out-of-copyright books.
  • Limiting the ability of businesses to reclaim “their own information” generated through Google advertising campaigns for use elsewhere.
  • Compelling leading websites to only use Google search boxes on their pages.

Google is already wrapped up in a court case with a subsidiary of Microsoft, Ciao, over similar anti-trust actions. It is thought that if the courts accept the new case then the suits will be bundled together.

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