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LG G Watch appears for sale ahead of Google Play debut at UK retailer

LG G Watch appears for sale ahead of Google Play debut at UK retailer


The LG G Watch is the first Android Wear smartwatch, and it was set to be released on July 7th… but UK retailer Mobile Fun has received stock today, a week ahead of schedule. They’re shipping immediately, so with with next day delivery, that means you could get your G Watch tomorrow. The necessary software isn’t yet available in the Play Store, but the necessary APKs have been leaked (see below).


You’ll need these APKs

While the G Watch is already here, the necessary software won’t go live on the Play Store until the 7th of July. Thankfully, you can just download the .APK files in the meantime. You’ll need one APK for the Google Wear app itself, and five additional APKs which will update various Google apps supported by the watch. All must be installed before the Gear app will launch.

Here are the APK download links – you can download each one separately directly from your phone, or download a .ZIP file that includes all APKs, unzip it and then copy it to your Android device via USB.


Download links for individual APKs


Download links for ZIP file of all APKs

Remember that you’ll have to enable installation of apps from unknown sources in your security settings for this to work. Once you’ve got all the APKs installed, just run the Android Wear app and follow the instructions.


So far, so good

We’ve tried the apps on a Samsung Galaxy S5 (running Android 4.4) and Nexus 5 (running Android L), and they installed and ran without issue on both phones. Installation (including download times) took only a couple of minutes.

Once you have everything installed, pairing is simple – just turn on the watch and start the Google Wear app on your phone. You’ll be asked to turn on Bluetooth, then pairing will be suggested automatically. Enable notifications on your phone, and you’re ready to start swiping away on the G Watch!

So far the watch seems quite decent – the hardware is nothing special, but it feels well-made. The Android Wear OS is the real star of the show here, with reliable voice controls and a pleasing arrangement of swipable tiles. If you already rely on Google Now on your phone, then you’ll find it even more convenient on your wrist.

What do you think of the G Watch and Android Wear?Let me know on Twitter @wsjudd or in the comments below.

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