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Zalman to enter GPU market?

Zalman to enter GPU market?

There’s a rumour floating around the Zalman could be set to enter the add-in-card market, starting with graphics card offerings from AMD and Nvidia. Currently the company is focused on offering coolers for CPUs and other firms’ GPUs, now it could be set to offer its own complete package.

Fudzilla has it that the first generation of cards from Zalman would be based on the 6000 series graphics chips from AMD, suggesting that they better release them soon since the 7000 series is expected to land in the second week of January. The first Nvidia cards are thought to be based on the 500 series of cards, perhaps starting with 560 Ti variants sporting custom Zalman coolers.

It seems likely that CES will be the first opportunity anyone has to get a look at these if the rumours turn out to be true.

The GPU game is one of the most competitive with some of the tightest margins, so it’ll be interesting to see how well Zalman can do. However, if it can offer strong competition with good coolers and perhaps well overclocked cards, it could fit a performance niche that is quiet and cool. Traditionally the highest end cards from both big GPU companies are very loud and not cool at all.


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  • I think we dont have to be affraid of this topic, the ecaimnol situation and the not so well selling statics for sony and microsoft are making them think twice before rush the things, i personally think we will see the nex-generation as soon as HDTV technology is as common as SDTV back in the day, right now they know that half of their users are playing the games on SD Tv and the HDTV technology is the main selling issue