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Xbox Rage will use 3 Discs

Xbox Rage will use 3 Discs

Bring on the next generation of download only consoles, this current one is beginning to edge into Final Fantasy territory as games begin to use multiple DVDs to handle the sheer ammount of content; though at least it isn’t just down to 6 hours of cutscenes.

The Xbox 360 version of Rage is set to come on three seperate DVDs, as confirmed by id Software’s Tim Willits. Installing all content to the hard drive will of course save you having to change discs, but will require just over 22GB.While this would technically rule out those with the smallest 20GB capacity drives, id has apparently come up with a method that allows you to install one disc, then once that’s finished, install the second – letting you erase the first to save space since you never go back to it.

The PS3 version is thought to require an 8GB install with the rest of the data being read straight from the large Blu-Ray discs. The PC version on the other hand will come on 3 DVDs also, and when installed will equal out to around 25GB.

Rage made waves when it was announced a few years ago as it incorporates a new aesthetic feature known as megatexture. This is where rediculously large textures are used, that technically would require terrabytes of space to store, however, through the wonders of this feature, they’re broken down after the fact, keeping the file size managable; large, but managable.

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