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Xbox Dashboard update causes video issues

Xbox Dashboard update causes video issues

Rumours have been flying about online suggesting that the latest update for Microsoft’s Xbox dashboard has had some unforseen impacts on video quality, with many claiming that since applying it, their video has been washed out.

Fudzilla has it that some beta testers made Microsoft aware of the issue before the patch went live but it was ignored. Whether this means a secondary update to fix the problem will be released shortly is unknown at this point.

If you’re thinking that the idea of washed out video might be speculative, Eurogamer has perhaps the best synthetic measurement of it. They’ve taken a scene from Need for Speed The Run, played it on the Xbox and taking segments from it, analysed its levels. There it’s clear that the colour scheme lacks the depth of the original.

Microsoft has yet to officially comment, but reports from users are beginning to flood in and with the beta tester rumour it seems likely the software giant will need to make some sort of statement soon enough.

Have you experienced any video wash out since applying the latest dashboard update? Let us know if you have.

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