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WoW to lose another 1.6 million players

WoW to lose another 1.6 million players

World of Warcraft looks set to lose more than 1.5 million players if a survey is to be believed. What’s drawing them away? Why the latest Star Wars MMO of course.

According to a survey conducted by embeddable survey company Peanut Labs, of the 381 polled WoW gamers, 38% said they would be dropping their long time Warcraft game for something from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Taking these findings and extrapolating them, Lazard Capital Markets has concluded that if that 381 figure represented a far larger player base, it seems likely Blizzard will lose between 900,000 and 1.6 million WoW players when the new Star Wars game launches on 20th December 2011.

WoW has already lost 600,000 in the past three months, and a further 300,000 in the six months before that. It looks like the very definition of modern MMO gaming has lots its lustre for a large portion of its player base. It’s done very well to remain as dominant as it has for over half a decade, as well as the fact that it’s almost the only MMO still around making a large success of subscription model payments. That said, gamers new to the WoW scene can play a character up to level 20 before needing to fork out some extra cash.

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