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Windows 8 will install far faster

Windows 8 will install far faster

Microsoft has announced in a blog post that the next iteration of their operating system will install far faster than before and require much less input from the user; perhaps as little as 11 clicks.

To achieve this the software giant made several changes to the installation process, streamlining and simplifying it. For Windows 8, many options will have default options chosen automatically which reduces the ammount of user interaction needed. Advanced users will still be able to handle all the options they want with a more standard setup procedure, but the default option will keep things simple.

The process will also be sped up by Windows 8 being able to transfer entire folders instead of just individual files. This massively reduces the number of file requests. The old file gathering phase has been removed as well, with settings, applications and personal files automatically backed up to the Windows.Old file and copied over once Windows 8 is fully installed. This is counter to the current Windows 7 process, where files are transferred during the installation process.

There have also been several changes to reduce the number of restarts required. Several functions that would – with Windows 7 – have needed a reboot don’t require that anymore, further reducing setup time.

Microsoft is hoping that with the massively reduced time the OS install takes and with less input needed, it will encourage people to upgrade from Windows 7 and older operating systems.

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