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Who’s Buying Hulu?

Who’s Buying Hulu?

Hulu has grown to become on of the most popular video streaming services out there, but now that it’s up for sale, who is likely to gain a controlling stake in the firm? Currently owned by Walt Disney, News Corp., Comcast Corp. and Providence Equity Partners Inc., Hulu recently renewed its licensing deal with Fox, which kept shows like “Family Guy,” “Glee,” and “The Simpsons” running on the service; no doubt helping to keep its purchase price up.

In the first round of bidding, it seems that there are 5 companies interested in buying up the service, with the first four announced as Google, Yahoo, Amazon and DISH Network. Wall Street Journal is reporting that the estimate the bids to be somewhere between $500 Million and $2 billion.

“We’ll see where it ultimately ends up,” said Chase Carey, chief operating officer of News Corp. “For us, it’s still a decision to see what it looks like at the end, and does it make sense to pursue that path, or does it make sense for us to stay in an ownership position and continue to have it driven by content owners.”

If Google ends up as the overall winner of the bidding war, it could mean interesting things for Youtube. A platform crossover would probably be welcomed by many users.

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