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Watson to Face off against Humans

Watson to Face off against Humans

A machine named Watson is set to be challenged by human competitors in a game of jeopardy, in an attempt to teach an AI how to respond to random questions, in a human like manner. IBM is the company behind the machine, and they are also the ones who pitted chess masters against computers in the past. "The aim is to get Watson to think and interact in human terms," IBM's Dr David Ferrucci told BBC News. "It will try to understand a user's question and intent and understand it at a rudimentary level and provide and accurate and confident answer."

"The most challenging aspect of this is that Watson has to know what it knows with utmost confidence."Otherwise if it buzzes in and gets the answer wrong that is bad on Jeopardy because you lose money and lose the game," explained Dr Ferrucci, an IBM artificial intelligence researcher and team leader on the project.

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