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Violence in Videogames helps Reduce Crime

Violence in Videogames helps Reduce Crime

Video games are the 21st century scapegoat for violence in society, in the same way that “video nasty” movies were in the 90s and music was in the earlier parts of the 1900s. There have also been several studies backing up this claim, as well as others debunking it. A new one has now emerged claiming that any links between violence in video games and the users could be a symptom of the laboratory tests themselves.

The ultimate conclusion of the study was that, “Overall, violent video games lead to decreases in violent crime.” Though, they came to this conclusion partially because if people are kicking ass in a game, they arn’t kicking real ass in the streets.

“We argue that since laboratory experiments have not examined the time use effects of videogames, which incapacitate violent activity by drawing individual gamers into extended gameplay, laboratory studies may be poor predictors of the net effects of violent videogames in society. It also ads that previous studies “overstate the importance of videogame-induced aggression as a social cost”.

Perhaps they should also take note that people have been violent throughout history? Video games have also been around for nearly 30 years, but people have been killing each other for tens of thousands.

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