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VIA Seeks to Block iPhone in US

VIA Seeks to Block iPhone in US

Apple has become quite renowned in recent months for the tech industry’s version of the cockblock, forcing rivals Samsung to be unable to sell their tablet PC, the Galaxy Tab, in Australia and Europe. However, the fruity firm could now be facing the music, having a taste of their own medicine and other such cliches, as VIA are trying to block any future iPhone’s and iPads from being sold in the US, sighting what else, patent infringement.

The complaint filed with the US Federal Court in Delaware reads: “The products at issue generally concern microprocessors included in a variety of electronic products such as certain smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players and other computing devices.”

Patent infringement suits have been rampent over the past couple of years in the smartphone industry, with almost every company involved in the market suing somebody else. However, Apple may struggle to counter sue their opponents in this game, as VIA doesn’t make anything that Apple also developes.

While it seems unlikely that VIA would be successful considering the dominance of the iPad and iPhone in the US, it isn’t beyond all realms of possibility, as Dailytech points out, the Delaware court is known as a plaintiff friendly region.

Are you an Apple user? How would you feel if you’d have to import your device to get hold of the next generation iPhone or iPad?

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