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Valve Confirms it’s Entering the Hardware Market

Valve Confirms it’s Entering the Hardware Market

Despite having denied it for quite a long time at this point, Valve has finally announced that indeed, it is planning to enter the hardware game. But will it be PC components? A Steam console?

Valve doesn’t specify for now, having made the “announcement” in a job posting on the official website. It reads: “we’re frustrated by the lack of innovation of in the computer hardware space, so we’re jumping in.” The job opening is for a “industrial designer” but when it comes to what this industrial person will be designing, Valve is specifically vague – keeping us all guessing for now.

In the past rumours have been abound that Valve was working on a console similar to the Ouya, but supporting Steam. We’ve also heard that the company could be working on wearable computing – whether this is equalizer t-shirts, or John Carmack style VR goggles is anyone’s guess.

The reguirements for those thinking of going for the job at Valve are as follows:

  • BS/BA/BFA degree (or equivalent) in industrial design (or equivalent)
  • 6+ years of professional experience shipping world-class, high-tech hardware products
  • A thorough understanding of product design principles
  • Highly effective multidisciplinary collaboration skills
  • Personal commitment to quality, attention to detail
  • Confidence with 2D and 3D design visualization tools
  • Effective, articulate design communication and decision-making skills

Want to give it a shot? Sign up at the Valve jobs page.

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