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US Cable Companies to Threaten Next-Gen Consoles

US Cable Companies to Threaten Next-Gen Consoles

While many have suggested this next-generation of consoles is likely to be the last one, it’s also shaping up to be the most competitive one since the early 80s. You of course have the big three from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, but there’s also Valve’s Big Picture mode on Steam, the upcoming Ouya and streaming gaming from the likes of OnLive. However now, US cable companies could be joining the streaming revolution.

With an infrastructure already well in place in the form of cable boxes, networks like AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner are in a great position to offer streaming video games. We’re not just talking casual either, if the report by Bloomberg is to be believed, but AAA titles too.

For those interested in giving it a shot, trials are said likely to begin by the end of the year, with a full rollout if successful, to occur in 2013.

With most people in the large population centres in America using cable TV, the audience for such a service is massive compared to the likes of the UK where Sky is the only dominant platform and even then, it’s not even close to being as widespread as our friends across the pond.

These types of cable boxes are all the hardware a user will need too – save for a control of some kind if they don’t want to use their smartphone. Still, a smart company would allow for the use of third party Xbox controllers perhaps, immediately allowing for a big user base right off the bat. Technically they could even include it as part of a premium cable package; like a gaming channel of sorts.

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