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Universal Music website down again

Universal Music website down again

At the time of writing the Universal Music website has been made inaccessible once again. All pring requests time out and attempting to load the page gives you a perpetual “connecting.”

This is the second time in several days that the media corporation has had its main website attacked with the original – and most believing this one too – being orchestrated by the hacktvisit organisation known as Anonymous. The unknown number of anons (though believed to at least 9,001) have purportedly been making use of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) that allows users to easily send repeated requests to a website. If enough people take part, the site becomes inaccessible and potentially crashes the target web server.

Universal isn’t the only one Anonymous have been hitting in the past few days though. was also hacked, though not with the usual tactic. Instead of merely denying anyone access to the headlines, the anons actually deleted everything held on the server, leaving just a single index file. CBS is back up now, but this attack is certainly more malicious than usual and represents a turn or perhaps a fork in the road of Anonymous hacking activity.

In a related attack, was also taken offline – presumably for supporting SOPA – though it wasn’t perpetraded by Anonymous. Laying claim to replacing the UFC homepage with a picture of a glassy eyed hitler was the “Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up.” Three of those involved were named as well, stating that this website was “Fuck3d by JoshTheGod, MrOsama, & AntiGov.”


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