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UK ISPs to be Forced to Block Pornography

UK ISPs to be Forced to Block Pornography

The four big ISPs in the UK: BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and virgin are set to be forced by the government to block pornography on their networks unless users specifically opt-in to be able to receive it. Where has this overprotective measure come from? The government itself of course. And who suggested it to them? Why the “Mother’s Union”. It’s all about protecting the children.

How about you just learn a little about what your kids might be looking at and employ blocking software, or actually check up on what your children are looking at? It’s not the government or ISPs responsibility to “protect” your children from seeing a pair of tits.

Also as part of the measure, David Cameron has announced that there will be a new one-stop website for parents to make complaints about TV shows, websites, adverts, products and services that they feel is inappropriate for children. This includes certain items of clothing that they feel over-sexualises children, suggestive adverts on billboards and more.

David Cameron’s letter to the head of the mother’s charity, Reg Bailey said:

“As you say, we should not try and wrap children up in cotton wool or simply throw our hands up and accept the world as it is. Instead, we should look to put ‘the brakes on an unthinking drift towards ever-greater commercialisation and sexualisation’.”

I’ll lay it out simply. If you’re a parent, you control what your children wear, see and do. Don’t buy them sexualised clothes, don’t let them view websites that you find distasteful or watch TV shoes that you don’t think are appropriate. There, problem solved.

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