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Ubisoft CEO thinks Wii U will sell well

Ubisoft CEO thinks Wii U will sell well

The CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, has been harping about how well he thinks the next generation Nintendo console will sell. Currently known as the Wii U, the only details we really have are the fact that there’s at least one touch screen, tablet like controller that goes with it with presumably Wiimote style ones for players 2-4 (with the touchscreen attachment).

“We are big believers in the Wii U, on two subjects,” Guillemot said. “One is for high-end games, where we’ll be able to do a game for the Wii U, but also for other [high-definition] machines, but also with specific use of [Wii U’s] tablet. Two, is we like the Wii U for all the [potential of] casual games.”

So he likes it, mainly because it won’t be a graphical step back from the other two consoles like the Wii was. That didn’t hurt sales of this generation’s Nintendo though, it did far better than the others for quite some time. Tablet and casual gaming makes sense, but then you’d have to be delivering at casual prices. Not even taking into consideration that those that want tablets, will probably have them by this time next year. It’s a competitive bit of tech that is seeing quite large growth. People are unlikely to wait for Nintendo to fill that void in their hand.

“Today, the Wii still is 45 percent of our business,” Guillemot told Gamasutra. “Just Dance, all those casual games, are selling extremely well. So we are supporting the machine because we believe Nintendo is going to push it to another level.”

You sort of said that about the Kinect though, and while that sells well, the majority of games are a bust.

“What we see is the ease of play is a part of the revolution we are seeing today. The fact that it’s easier to access games is what can make more people play. Maybe they can do a good job there.”

Lookout for more mini-games and super monkey ball people.

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