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Ubisoft Blunder Means Online Play is Still free for all

Ubisoft Blunder Means Online Play is Still free for all

Ubisoft were hoping to begin their online pass system, similar to THQ’s home brand of internet based game play restrictions, though they had initially termed their’s “Ubisoft Uplay Passport.” It was supposed to be included with the release of the latest Driver game, but unfortunately for them, and fortunately for players, many of the codes designed to activate online play for those that purchased the game new, didn’t work. This prompted the firm to rethink things, making online gameplay free for everyone.

It’s an increasing trend among game developers to restrict the gameplay of those renting or buying games second hand. I had a very long comment discussion with one reader recently that explained that many of the problems in the gaming industry are down to a prolific second hand trade. While I do understand what he was on about, and hope that we can improve things, I still don’t like the limitations placed on gamers that don’t want to shell out £40 for a new console game.

Give some extra DLC for those that buy early and buy new, but how about you don’t make it impossible to play online unless you pay.

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