Twitter Ghostwriter Gets Drunk, Posts

It turns out that if you’ve been following Mark Davison for his funny and interesting tweets, you’ve been duped; he’s been using ghostwriters for the past few years. How do we know this? Because one of them got drunk last night, logged in with an old password – that Mr Davison has yet to change – and began tweeting about the practices of a man in his position.

The problems began with the first tweet showing up a few hours ago, reading:

Well yesterday, @markdavidson fired 1 of his 3 ghostwriters of the last 4 years and forgot to change his Twitter password.

The ghostwriter continued his tirade with the following:

Right now @markdavidson is probably asleep… He isn’t that nice and he is cheap. I regret not quitting. So now he has 2 ghostwriters.

And yes, as @markdavidson‘s former Twitter ghostwriter of 4 years; I am drunk. Drunk and angry. (You should have changed your password!)

He ended his tirade with:

And all the funny stuff that @markdavidson wrote, that was all me. The other 2 ghostwriters are really boring. Good luck, bro…

And change your freakin’ password!

A lesson not to use ghost writers? To keep on top of your own Twitter account? To pay them better? To change your password more frequently? Probably a bit of everything

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