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Tweetdeck Could Be Dissolved

Tweetdeck Could Be Dissolved

UK Twitter app and subsidiary of the social network, TeetDeck, could be set to close after a threat from the British government. The reason? It has once again failed to file financial information despite several warnings.

“This is a non-compliance issue and a compulsory strike-off action has commenced,” a Companies House spokesperson said while speaking with Sky News. “Tweetdeck is still yet to file. That means they have 99 days to file up-to-date accounts or face being dissolved and struck-off the register.”


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With overall revenues between 2011 and 2012 at well over £150 million, its understandable that the government is keen to have a look at the books. Due to being a limited entity, it is legally required to do so one a year – which it has repeatedly failed to do.

So far it has been fined a few hundred pounds and is set to be fined another £1500 – a mere drop in the bucket for Twitter. However, if it fails to comply with regulations again, the company will be stricken off.

With Twitter’s plans to expand in the next few years and a potential flotation on the stock exchange in the offing, it’ll be interesting to see if the problems with Tweetdeck delay these in any way.

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