Turkish Hackers in Website Hijacking

While Lulzsec have been a bit quiet in recent weeks, other worldwide hackers are beavering away as usual. The latest publicised hack is from a Turkish group who have taken over the websites of Vodafone, the Daily Telegraph, UPS and several other companies, redirecting visitors to their own homepage.

The hacking group Turkguvenligi has spoken with the Guardian about how they achieved the hacks, saying they focused on SQL injection into the DNS records.

“The hardest one is reaching the domain company but if you can succeed there will be a treasure for you,” Turkguvenligi told The Guardian.

With a DNS attack, the websites themselves arn’t affected, but anyone visiting the site will in-fact be sent elsewhere; in this case, the homepage of the hacking group themselves.

Graham Cluley of security firm Sophos was quoted as saying, “We have to be grateful that the message displayed appears to be graffiti, rather than an attempt to phish information from users or install malware.”

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