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THQ Talking With Investors

THQ Talking With Investors

THQ has announced it is in talks with potential investors, that could save the company. However it is still circling the drain of liquidation and unless it can work something out soon, we could be looking at the end of THQ.

However as a stop gap, THQ has also been talking with Wells Fargo Capital Finance has agreed to not call the publisher on its current owed funds and can potentially lend it more throughout the next few months. This cooperation will last until the 15th of January and could see it through to a deal with other investors.

THQ Nose Dive

THQ has been nose diving for some time now

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Wells Fargo,” THQ boss Brian Farrell said. “This agreement enables us to continue focusing on bringing our games in development to market.

“Meanwhile, we are evaluating financial alternatives that will transition the company into its next phase.”

THQ fell upon hard times recently, after Darksiders 2 failed to turn a profit, Warhammer 40k Online: Dark Millennium stalled in development and many, many staff had to be let go from internal and external studios – leaving other games stagnated. The announcement that Company of Heroes, Metro: Last Light and South Park: The Stick of Truth, titles that were pushed back recently, was a big blow for the firm which set its stock tumbling and began this latest round of liquidation speculation.


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