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THQ Letting More Staff Go

THQ Letting More Staff Go

THQ has announced that it’s letting more staff go, this time from the marketing and production end. The reasoning is that it will help boost the development side of the company, allowing for more money to be focused on game creation than trying to sell them.

It’s never the upper management that steps down, or takes a pay cut is it?

In a memo sent to staff earlier this week, THQ president Jason Rubin said that: “It is worth pointing out that none of the development teams are effected, and we do not anticipate the reduction to have any impact whatsoever on the titles in production or the future scale of our output. “

In total, 20 individuals have been made redundant, with Mr Rubin saying that those roles will be filled, but by new blood: “It is also quite likely that in the long run the company will hire new individuals with different skill sets in their stead. To put this in perspective, Volition alone anticipates growing by about 20 individuals in the next 12 months.”

Most recently Rubin made a comment to Joystiq regarding the matter: “THQ confirms a realignment has taken place in the company’s marketing and production groups in Agoura Hills. This change is reflective of the company’s ongoing strategy to create a more focused, agile, and digitally-oriented organization. Less than 3% of the company’s global workforce was impacted, and no development teams or projects were affected by this action.”

“Realignment,” what a passive word for firing people.

This is of course, not the first time THQ has shed staff members in the past few months. Earlier this year large numbers of staff were let go from multiple in order to balance the books.

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