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THQ is Proud of Studio Closings

THQ is Proud of Studio Closings

“The two we just shut in Australia were working on games that aren’t consistent with our strategy anymore – one on a movie tie-in, one on a kids’ game,” said Pucino, according to Edge. “Our strategy now is bringing fewer, bigger triple-A titles to market: one or two original IPs each year, and sequelling them every two to two-and-a-half years.”

This is what our buddy over in the Bethesda Sewer Level was talking about. The closing up of the middle ground, it’s AAA or Indi and little in between. They do however plan to increase the size of the montreal studios, from the current 150 to 400 over the new couple of years. They stressed that this would help them reduce the cost of bringing games to market; apparently by up to 40%.

To placate their investors and share holders, THQ have promised that thanks to expected strong sales of Saint’s Row 3 and uDraw, that the third quarter will be very strong indeed.

Now if they could just drop that Online Pass system I’d be happy.

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