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There be Dragons – in Minecraft

There be Dragons – in Minecraft

While Notch Persson has a pending lawsuit from Bethesda to deal with, claiming that his company’s next game, “Scrolls” stole their name from the “Elder Scrolls” series, he has instead of preparing been putting together the Minecraft dragon that he promised was coming just over a year ago.

Commenters are speculating that this is a raised finger from Mr Persson, waved in Bethesda’s direction; though he would be dumb to claim either way with the impending suit. Of course no one looking at the images on Notch’s Twitter would be able to prove much of a comparison’s between the lego like dragon of the Minecraft world, with the ones in the Elder Scrolls universe.

Notch said at the first dragon unveiling that “It’s animated and flies around now!” Presumably it’ll be able to shoot fireballs too, meaning we could see the end of large wooden houses in the Minecraft universe; if these things are able to free roam anyway.

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