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The Sun Hacked Again, Polling data Stolen

The Sun Hacked Again, Polling data Stolen

News Corp owned “The Sun” has been hacked once again, though it seems that Anonyouse and Lulzsec wern’t behind it; at the very least, they’re not claiming affiliation. The user behind this one is known as “Batteye” who has released, along with the Polling Data a manifseto of sorts detailing the cause of himself and other hackers alike:

Mankind makes mistakes. Mankind is all the better for them. Mankind learns from them. Some people, however, do not learn. Until these people are pruned by natural selection, incarceration, or otherwise, then mankind will not develop. We will remain prey to the ‘malicious’ type of hacker that steals credit card information, or deletes voicemail messages and pushing the victims family to grieve more for their loved ones.

He then goes on to state the information he will be leaking:

We will begin today be presenting to you, various files obtained from The Sun, a company within the News Corp group. We will continue, then, by exposing the world for what it is; a less than perfect place where we cannot trust those who we ask to protect our information. We will continue, until the list has been exhausted, or until the world and man kind realizes that we must change how we
go on.
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