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Talk Talk get most complaints

Talk Talk get most complaints

British regulatory body Ofcom, has announced that of all major ISPs in the UK, Talk Talk, receives the most complaints in the past six months. In terms of mobile phone companies, 3 was the worst culprit.

Granted there is some issue these results, in that Ofcom only tracks complains sent directly to them, not necessarily every single call a provider receives from angry end users. While it seems from the regulator’s results that TalkTalk has improved in recent months, it is still the most complainted about service, with BT coming in second place, followed by Orange. BSKYB and Virgin received the least.

When quizzed by the BBC, TalkTalk released a statement that seemed quite positive.

‘It’s encouraging that complaints continue to come down,” it said.

“Our own data shows ongoing improvement with a 40% year-on-year reduction in customer service calls and 75% of calls now being resolved on first contact.”

TalkTalk merged with Tiscali in 2009, something which the ISP blames for a lot of its complaint calls. Apparently some 65,000 Tiscali customers were incorrectly billed during the merger. Ofcom later fined the twinned companies £3 million for the screw up.

Unfortunately for TalkTalk though, it was also the company most complained about in regards to landline services, with more billing issues at the centre.

My own personal experience with TalkTalk isn’t great. Having taking out a “we can get your phone bill cheaper” offer over the phone, I ended up being stuck in a contract for 3 years – should have read the fine print. This resulted in me paying for a line when I didn’t even have an office anymore. That was awesome.



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