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Steve Perlman no longer at OnLive

Steve Perlman no longer at OnLive

Despite claims just a few days ago, that founding CEO Steve Perlman, would continue working at the newly reformed OnLive, despite the fact that most of the staff had been let go in the restructuring, it now turns out that he won’t be.

Said to be moving on to work on other projects – as detail-free an explanation as ever there was one – he’s being replaced, not by someone from new owner Lauder Partners, by head of OnLive operations, Charlie Jablonski. He’ll be taking over as ongoing CEO and COO.

“Steve has created an extraordinary company that no one else could have created,” said, Gary Lauder, who will be taking over as chairman at OnLive. “He is a unique entrepreneur and deserves his legendary status in Silicon Valley as a creator of groundbreaking companies.”

“The new OnLive is emerging with greater financial security and a brighter outlook on the future. OnLive is now positioned to execute against longer-term projects with our breakthrough technology, products and services,” said Lauder. “I spent my first week with OnLive listening, to gather people’s thoughts and suggestions. It’s an impressive group, and I am even more convinced that this company is poised for greatness.”

Apparently OnLive is considering expansion instead of contraction in the wake of the buyout, with more staff hirings on the cards. If it’s an honourable company, it’ll hire back those that were let go during the acquisition. It’ll be interesting to see if the executives will keep their word.

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