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Steve Jobs Stands Down

Steve Jobs Stands Down

An end of an era. The hydra head of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, is set to stand down and take on the role of COO, with Tim Cook taking the helm. Jobs has claimed that he is no longer able to take the pressure of leading the technology firm, most likely linked to his abscence for the last few months for an unspecified medical issue.

His successor now is drawing much of the spotlight, a man similar to Jobs in motivation it’s said, but will he take the company in a direction of closed systems and fanboys as the previous master? He previously handled the company as CEO in 2009 during Steve Jobs liver transplant health scares. As the Apple head battled his liver cancer throughout the latter part of the naughties he would also occasionally pickup the slack; so Mr Cook has a decent pedigree.

The real question though is will the fanboys accept him? Apple disciples are well known to be real lovers of Steve Jobs’ passion as well as his own unique way of running a launch conferance. Who knows how well the iPod, iPad or iPhone would have done without his empassioned product launches.

The real question though is whether Jobs will hand over his turtleneck; or if Archer will make him take it off for good. He invented the turtleneck you know.

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