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South Park RPG coming in 2012

South Park RPG coming in 2012

An RPG set in the South Park universe will be released in late 2012 by the developer of Fall Out New Vegas. While it might not be the most obvious choice for a SP game, everyone said that the same about the series’ tower defence game and that wasn’t bad.

Shacknews describes the game as a “fully fledged” RPG experience, coming Obsidian Entertainment. While many might still be skeptical, there is some good news in that Matt and Trey, the creators of the TV show, will be writing the script as well as providing voices for the game.

The setting is said to be South Park, of course, where you play the new kid in town. However, as per Lets Go Tower Defence Play, the town is set to come under attack from a variety of enemies and it’s down to you to save it.

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