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South Park Getting new Xbox Live Title

South Park Getting new Xbox Live Title

South Park is set to have another console outing, this time focusing on the ginger, parentless Scot Tenorman who made the fatal mistake of mocking Cartman during a particular episode. The game will feature the aforementioned antagonist, coming to town with an army of his ginger followers, leaving Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan to do what they do best (since they’ve already run the gambit in Let’s Go Tower Defence Play), defend South Park.

Known as South Park: Scot Tenorman’s Revenge – though didn’t he already have revenge somewhat in the TV show? – there isn’t much information available about the game as of yet, though later today there should be some more details emerging at the New York Comic-Con.

The only really known detail at this point is that there will be support for four player local and online co-op.

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