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Sony PS4 Starting Production Q4 2011

Sony PS4 Starting Production Q4 2011

Sony is planning to begin production of their fourth Playstation console in the fourth quarter of 2011. While it was initially thought that the PS3 and Xbox 360 were only about half way through their life cycle, both Sony and Microsoft are pushing their next generations for 2012.

Digitimes is reporting that according to Taiwan-based partners, Sony will be commissioning parts for the PS4 that will include a motion sensing setup similar to Microsoft’s Kinect. This could give them an interesting, if not unique, feature, to have it part of the main system instead of an addon like Kinect; though it will make the PS4 very expensive. That said, early PS3 adopters should have no problem being early PS4 buyers, they’re used to an overpriced system.

Apparently Sony are pushing for 20 million units available at launch, with Foxconn and Pegatron Technology being the ones to put it together. So expect some deaths as the parts of rushed through production.

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