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Sony, EA, Nintendo pull support for SOPA

Sony, EA, Nintendo pull support for SOPA

Sony, EA and Nintendo have all pulled their support for the Stop Online Piracy Act that has much of the internet using populace up in arms about its broad sweeping statements.

The three gaming firms were noted for their financial and moral backing of the bill when their names were listed as sponsors on a supporting letter. However, with a recent release of an updated list, the names are interestingly no longer present. This doesn’t mean that each of them is entirely removed however, as several publishing arms still supporting SOPA, represent Sony’s music branch. All three companies are also members of Entertainment Software Association, which continues to support the bill.

This is an interesting turnaround though. Perhaps each of the gaming giants just wanted to publicly withdraw some of their support, maybe to avoid a backlash. Sony would have a good reason to, since it was recently called out by Anonymous for aligning itself with SOPA. The hacktivist organisation said that it would be taking down the Sony gaming network once again, due to the Japanese firm’s backing of the unpopular bill.

SOPA has been criticised by many for having wording that is far too vague, potentially allowing companies that believe their intellectual property had been infringed upon to take down websites without even contacting their owners. It would also be made possible for financial services to be removed in similar instances, with IP owners given the right to force companies like Paypal to halt business with those believed to be infringing copyright.


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